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Technical Services and Expertise

The Pipe and Tubes Division of Penn Stainless Products is focused on providing material solutions,  not just raw materials.  We have vast technical resources to help answer customers’ most specific questions, as well as ensure that projects are finished exactly to customers’ request.

Let us know your situation and we can guide you in the right direction.  The best place to start is by contacting us, or by filling out our Technical Question form.  In many cases we can answer your questions on the spot.  We also have resources available to help with more in depth questions, such as ones related to material selection, corrosion analysis or recommended testing specific to your operating environment.  Please visit the tabs below to learn more.

Penn Stainless Products provides vast technical expertise and experience to its customers

Our team at Penn Stainless Products is dedicated to providing the best possible expertise in regards to customer requirements.  We have over 30 years of industry experience to leverage from, and are committed to sharing that knowledge with our customers.

Penn Stainless has a collaborative partnership with “Dr. Metals” Dr. Hira Ahluwalia, Ph.D., scientist, metallurgist, materials and corrosion consultant to some of the world’s largest industrial consortiums, and president of Material Selection Resources, Inc.  Dr. Metals has served as chairman of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers and is a recipient of that organization’s Distinguished Service Award. He has published over 20 articles.

Dr. Metals has lengthy experience in dealing with corrosion and related metallurgical topics for multiple industry segments. Penn Stainless customers benefit greatly from Dr. Hira’s considerable breadth of knowledge, particularly in areas such as material selection, corrosion analysis, testing requirements and more.



Penn Stainless has a strategic alliance with Lehigh University Materials Science and Engineering Department.  The alliance is designed to provide Penn Stainless customers with access to the department’s expertise, especially in relation to corrosion and welding technical issues, as well as to provide Lehigh University students with the chance to learn more about manufacturing and the challenges associated with it.  An added advantage of this relationship, is the access it provides to cross functional departments, including Structural Engineering which can be helpful when determining wall thickness requirements.  Lehigh University’s research experience in metallurgy and metal working has also proved very helpful

Penn Stainless also receives technical and engineering support from global leaders in the production of high-alloy welded pipe and tubing. This allows us to provide special products for a variety of applications, adhere to the most stringent specifications, and, most importantly, provided our clients with excellent service and technical support.

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