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Penn Stainless Products Installs State-Of-The-Art Flow Mach 3 Waterjet

Penn Stainless Products has installed their fourth waterjet system – a Mach 3 unit from Flow Corporation.

Quakertown, PA – December 19, 2011 –Penn Stainless Products has recently installed their fourth waterjet, a Mach 3 Dynamic Waterjet System from Flow Corporation. This system features Flow’s Dynamic Waterjet® technology and a cutting area of 288″ x 78″, allowing Penn Stainless to make fast, precision cuts in a variety of sheet sizes.

The Mach 3 features Flow’s HyperJet® pump, which is rated at 94,000 psi, as opposed to conventional systems rated at 60,000 psi. Because of the increased cutting speed, up to 45% faster than conventional waterjets, parts are cut faster and production runs are shorter. The traverse speed of the new waterjet at Penn Stainless is rated at up to 500 ipm and cut speed up to 300 ipm (as determined by the material, its thickness, and the edge quality desired). Linear straightness accuracy of the X and Y is 0.0015″ per 3 ft. X and Y repeatability are +/- 0.002″.

To ensure accuracy at the Mach 3′s high cutting speeds, the system employs Dynamic Waterjet® technology, an advanced motion system that assures accurate cutting by eliminating the inside corner washout and taper produced by traditional abrasive waterjet systems. Rather than slow down cutting speed to maintain precision, the Dynamic Waterjet system tilts the cutting head to the side to eliminate taper and tilts it forward to control the stream. As a result, parts are produced two to four times faster than on a conventional waterjet with part tolerances to +/-0.001″. Using Dynamic Waterjet significantly impacts the quality of the cut part, often eliminating secondary processing completely.

According to Jim Seward, president of Penn Stainless, “We are very pleased to have installed our fourth waterjet from Flow International.” Seward added, “The new Mach 3 waterjet system further expands our capabilities to offer customers a wider variety of precision alloy cutting options while maintaining, or even reducing, our expected quick turnaround times.”

About Flow Corporation:

Flow International Corporation (NASDAQ:FLOW) is the world leader in the development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology and a leading provider of robotics equipment. Flow provides technologically advanced, environmentally sound solutions to the manufacturing and industrial cleaning markets. Since 1974, Flow has delivered over 10,000 waterjet and abrasive waterjet systems to customers in more than 45 countries. For more information on Flow International Corporation, visit www.flowwaterjet.com.


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Penn Stainless Products Installs State-Of-The-Art Flow Mach 3 Waterjet