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Does your company offer a discount for payments received in 10 days?
Purchasing Terms
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Does your company accept American Express for payment?
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Do you have a documented Quality System?
Are management reviews of the quality management system conducted at planned intervals?
Are work instructions or procedures documented?
Are procedures and work instructions available for personnel?
Is there a documented system to control changes to work instructions?
Do you maintain Heat/Lot traceability?
Do you maintain Heat/Lot traceability for customer supplied material?
Will you separate/process our material by heat number and mark the pieces/bundles accordingly?
Is non-conforming product segregated and documented?
Are internal audits performed on a regular basis?
Are final inspections documented?
Are suppliers immediately notified of non-conforming material and or rejections?
Do you have handling and packaging procedures to prevent damage?
Would you allow PSP to audit your facility?
I have received a copy of Penn Stainless Products Terms and Conditions F840-25 and current revisions are available at www.pennstainless.com All PSP material must be kept 100% traceable to our Log and Heat numbers. All bundles must be checked for appropriate heat/log numbers and verified against the packing list received. All bundles returned to PSP must be marked with the heat and Log numbers. Each Heat and Log must be packed separately.
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