Duplex Usage in the Oil and Gas Industry

Introduction: Over the past few decades, corrosive conditions in the Oil and Gas Industry have steadily grown in severity. The offshore oil industry continually pushes oil exploration to greater depths, which leads to higher pressure conditions and harsher environments. In addition, advanced technologies have enabled higher total production from domestic reservoirs, which in turn has  Continue Reading →

Duplex Usage in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Overview: Carbon steels and standard austenitic grades of stainless steel were the dominant metals for many years in the pulp and paper industry. These materials still play a significant role, but duplex 2205 and other duplex stainless steels are increasingly used in the production of new equipment. The overriding reason for the focus on duplex  Continue Reading →

Duplex Usage in Desalination Plants

Introduction: Desalination Plants are known to be very severe environments due to the high chloride, high temperature conditionsi. In the past, austenitic stainless steels in the ASTM 300 series tended to be the material of choice in desalination plants. In cases in which even higher corrosion resistance has been needed, the typical material solution has  Continue Reading →