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Sanitary Tube

This polished tube is manufactured in accordance with ASTM A270 and 3A sanitary standards. The tubing is made from cold rolled stainless steel strip whose chemical elements are specially controlled to enhance weldability. The weld bead is cold-worked to a full finished condition, resulting in a virtually undetectable longitudinal weld. Bright annealing to 1,900°F minimum follows in a controlled atmosphere to preserve maximum structural integrity. The tubes are then mechanically polished to a 180 grit (20 μ-in. Ra maximum) interior and 150 grit (32 μ-in. Ra maximum) exterior finish with a state-of- the-art process. Tubes are then line-stenciled with OD, wall, ASTM specifications, grade, and heat number.

Datasheet: Sanitary Stainless Steel Tube

Testing and Packaging

To assure strict accordance with ASTM A270 and 3A, this Sanitary Tubing is subjected to extensive reverse bend, reverse flattening, flange, and eddy current testing. After successfully completing testing, tubes are sealed with airtight end caps and individually packaged in high-quality poly sleeves. Tubes are then packaged in heavy-duty tri-wall boxing. Wood boxes are available for export shipments when specified.

Size (Tube OD) Stocking SizesWall (in)ID (in)Gauge
1 "X0.0650.8716
2 "X0.0651.8716
2 "X0.121.7611
3 "X0.0652.8716
3 "X0.122.7611
4 "X0.0653.8716
4 "X0.0833.83414
5 "CALL0.0834.83414
6 "X0.0835.83414
6 "X0.1095.78212
8 "X0.1097.78212
10 "CALL0.1099.78212
12 "CALL0.10911.78212
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