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The ASTM A476 specification covers cold and hot finished stainless steel bars and hot-rolled or extruded shapes.  More specifically, the ASTM 476 specification encompasses the following products in the more commonly used types of stainless steel:

  •  Stainless Steel Bars, including round bars, square bars, and hex bars
  • Stainless Steel hot rolled or extruded structural shapes, including angles, tees, and channels.

This specification covers four conditions:

  • annealed
  • tempered
  • normalized
  • quenched

These are suitable for boiler and pressure vessel construction. The stainless steel is available in four grades, including austenitic, austenitic-ferritic, ferritic, and martensitic grades. The material shall be subjected to a mechanical test to determine its tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and Brinell hardness.

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