Stainless Steel Diamond Plate

Penn Stainless is one of the few service centers that stocks 316/316L stainless diamond plate along with the more common 304/304L stainless steel diamond plate. We stock a full range of pattern sizes that can ship same day. Or, we can custom level stainless diamond plate coil to your exact length, reducing you scrap, handling and delivery costs. We custom cut diamond plate. Need 5 pcs of 3/8″ Stainless Diamond Plate, cut 12″ x 14″? No problem! Contact our sales department for your next stainless diamond plate requirement.

Images of Diamond Plate

Product Overview

Stainless Steel Diamond Plate: Stainless Steel Grades, Thicknesses and Widths

Thickness Range of Stainless Plate

1/8″ thru 3/8″ Thick Get a Quote

Common Widths of Stainless Plate Coil

36″ – 48″ – 60″ wide by pattern length or custom level per requirement Get a Quote

300 Series Stainless Steel Grades

304 / 304/L – 316 / 316L Get a Quote

Inventory of Diamond Plate

Our inventory of stainless steel diamond plate in pattern sizes and stainless steel coil enables Penn Stainless to offer our customers tremendous flexibility in how they utilize stainless steel diamond plate.  By offering a wide range of standard pattern size stainless steel diamond plates from stock, we can ship product quickly to the customer. Our in-house stainless steel plate processing capabilities means our customers can purchase near finished stainless diamond plate parts to reduce internal costs, scrap or handling.  Stainless steel diamond plate can be sheared, plasma cut, or laser cut.  Custom leveling of stainless steel diamond plate can significantly reduce scrap.

Gauge Pattern Sizes Available: Wt per Sheet Grades Available: Pattern
6.149/# SQF
48″ x 96″ 197
48″ x 120″ 246 316/316/L
48″ x 144″ 295
8.698/# SQF
36″ x 96″ 209 304 Pattern B
36″ x 120″ 261 304L Pattern B
36″ x 144″ 313 316/L Pattern B
48″ x 96″ 278
48″ x 120″ 348
48″ x 144″ 418
60″ x 96″ 348
60″ x 120″ 435
60″ x 144″ 522
60″ x 240″ 870
11.247/# SQF
36″ x 96″ 270 304 Pattern B
36″ x 120″ 337 304L Pattern B
36″ x 144″ 405 316/L Pattern B
48″ x 96″ 360
48″ x 120″ 450
48″ x 144″ 540
48″ x 240″ 900
60″ x 96″ 450
60″ x 120″ 562
60″ x 144″ 675
60″ x 240″ 1125
16.600/# SQF
48″ x 96″ 531 304 Pattern B
48″ x 120″ 664 304L Pattern B
48″ x 144″ 797 316/L Pattern B

Diamond Floor Plate Coil Gauges and Widths:

  • Diamond Plate coil are generally stocked in 10,000 to 20,000 pound coils.
  • Coils can be split, slit and leveled to length by Penn Stainless Products.
  • Additional sizes, grades, widths or coil weights can be ordered to specification.
Gauge & Coil Width 304 304L 316 316L
1/8″ x 36″ Wide
1/8″ x 48″ Wide X X
1/8″ x 60″ Wide
3/16″ x 36″ Wide
3/16″ x 48″ Wide X X X X
3/16″ x 60″ Wide X X X X
1/4″ x 36″ Wide
1/4″ x 48″ Wide  X X
1/4″ x 60″ Wide  X  X
3/8″ x 48″ Wide
3/8″ x 60″ Wide
Need a stainless diamond coil leveled to length? Let Penn Stainless handle the job.
Note: 316L coil diamond plate is limited availability and may require certain minimums

Value Added Resources for Diamond Plate

  • We stock stainless diamond plate in coil.  Need 8 pieces of 3/16″ x 48″ x 217″ long?  We can level this to length.
  • We can shear cut your stainless diamond plate to your exact requirements. 1 pieces or 100 pieces, we are ready to cut your stainless diamond plate requirement.

Stainless Steel Diamond Plate Processing Options

2 Plasma Cutting Tables

Stainless steel diamond plate can be plasma cut from 3/16″ thick thru 3/8″ Thick.  Plasma cutting stainless steel plates thru  6.25″ thick is available.  Stainless steel plates thru 120″ wide and in excess of 40′ long can be plasma cut. More Information Technical Question?

4 Dynamic Waterjet Tables

Stainless steel diamond plate can be waterjet cut from light gauge sheet metal thru 8″ thick stainless steel plates. Stainless plates up to 120″ wide and up to 288″ long can be cut. More Information Technical Question?

1 Plate Laser

Stainless steel diamond plates can be laser cut up to 3/8″ thick. Stainless steel plates in excess of 120″ wide and thru 60′ long can be processed. More  Information Technical Question?

3 Plate Shears

Shear cutting stainless steel diamond plate is a cost competitive option for processing stainless steel plate products. Stainless steel plates can be processed up to 3/4″ thick. More  Information Technical Question?

Diamond Plate Hot Finish Tolerances


Thickness of Plate at Base of Raised Figure (Nominal) in. (mm) Thickness of Plate at Base of Raised Figure, Min, in. (mm) Flat Back
Weight (approximate) lb/ft^2 (kg/m^2) Height of Raised Figures, min, in. (mm)
0.125 (3.18) 0.110 (2.79) 6.125 (23.90) 0.055 (1.40)
0.1875 (4.76) 0.173 (4.39) 8.625 (42.11) 0.060 (1.52)
0.250 (6.35) 0.235 (5.97) 11.125 (54.32) 0.060 (1.52)

diamond plate- tread specifications

Diamond Plate Specifications

Below you will find a brief overview of stainless steel diamond plate specifications. If you do not see a specification listed, please contact us.

Stainless Steel Diamond Plate Specifications Pattern B


This grade includes chemical composition requirements such as carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, nitrogen, nickel, chromium, and molybdenum as determined by heat analysis. This steel is a a good candidate for some processing. It embodies great corrosion resistance, and is commonly used for safety purposes, including but not limited to catwalks, trench covers, walkways, or ornamental projects. The raised diamond pattern provides all around traction. More Information Technical Question?

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