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6 Moly: AL6XN

Penn Stainless offers AL6XN (UNS N08367)  in welded pipe and tube.

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General Properties

AL6XN is known as a “super austenitic” stainless steel. This alloy combines high strength and good fabricability with excellent corrosion and pitting resistance.


This grade is often used in applications where good strength is required and in environments where chloride pitting and stress corrosion cracking is a problem. AL6XN is currently used in tube and pipe systems for pulp and paper, distillation and other industrial equipment.


  • ASTM B462
  • ASTM B472
  • ASTM B564
  • ASTM B675
  • ASTM B676
  • ASTM B688
  • ASTM B 690
  • ASTM B691
  • ASTM B804
  • UNS N08367


  • Excellent resistance to many different chemicals
  • Great choice for use in high chloride environments (brackish water, seawater, pulp mill beach plants, etc.)
  • Good resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion due to high chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen content
  • Low carbon content assures minimal risk of carbide precipitation during heating


  • All welding methods except for oxyacetylene can be used. 316 filler metal might be sufficient for some applications, but 625 or C-276 should be used for best results. 


  • Due to its high strength and alloy content, AL6XN is difficult to machine. The usual methods can be used, but will produce long, stringy chips which must be broken to prevent fouling. Speeds and feeds are similar to grades 316 and 317.

Chemical Properties:

Grade C Cr Cu Mn Mo N Ni P Si S
AL6XN 0.03 max min: 20.0
0.075 Max 2.00 max min: 6.0
max: 7.0
min: 0.18
max: 0.25
min: 23.5
max: 25.5
0.04 max 1.00 max 0.03 max

Physical Properties




0.29 lb/in^3

Modulus of Elasticity



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