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Welded Nickel Alloy Tube Case Study


Penn Stainless was asked to produce seven nickel alloy tubes for a metal fabrication company in Florida.  The dimension requirements were:  12″ OD with a .750″ wall thickness in  21’ long continuous length sections of  nickel alloy 625 tube.  Final Tested product needed to be delivered to customer site in 10 business days.

The Penn Stainless team obtained the necessary materials (Alloy 625 plate) within the following 2 days.  We successfully delivered the product in 9 days, thus meeting the required delivery time. Additionally, our Rapid Delivery team worked with the customer, and internal Penn Stainless employees, and our partner pipe and tube manufacturer every step of the way to ensure smooth coordination and communication of all requirements.

End User Application

Chemical Industry

Delivery Requirement

10 business days

Task Summary

  • Delivered the specified product in 9 business days.
  • Shipped the required Alloy 625 materials to the job site in 2 days
  • Engaged Penn Stainless Rapid Delivery Team to ensure smooth coordination of the project.

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