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Nickel Alloy: Incoloy 825

General Properties

Incoloy alloy 825 is a nickel iron chromium alloy with of molybdenum, copper and titanium, with outstanding resistance to many aggressive corrosion environments.


Some of the major applications of nickel alloy 825 are:

•         Sulphuric acid piping and vessels

•         Phosphoric acid evaporators

•         Pickling tank heaters, pickling tanks and equipment

•         Chemical process equipment

•         Propellor shafts

•         Tank trucks

•         Calorifiers

•         Electrostatic precipitator electrodes

•         Hot vessels for food, water and seawater,

•         ammonium sulphate vessels

•         Expansion bellows

•         Marine exhaust systems

•         Power station ash hoppers


  • Incoloy 825 posesses excellent corrosion resistance. In reducing & oxidizing conditions, Incoloy 825 resists general corrosion, pitting & crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. This is especially helpful in sulphuric & phosphoric acids, sulphur containing flue gases, sour gas and oil wells and sea water.


  • Welding of grade 825 stainless steels can be performed using all conventional methods.

Heat Treatment

  • Incoloy 825 is stabilise annealed at 940°C. The softest structure is obtained at 980°C. Sections heavier than sheet, strip and wire should be quenched to avoid sensitisation.

Chemical Properties

Ni C Mo Mn Si Cr Cu Fe
825 min: 38
max: 46

0.05 max

min: 2.5
max: 3.5


min: 19.5
max: 23.5

min: 1.5
max: 3.0


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