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Nickel Alloy Diameter and Wall Thickness Overview

  • Nickel Alloys in welded product can be produced up to  144″ diameter for pipes and 96″ diameter for tubes.  Also, stock inventory is available in smaller standard sizes.
  • In some cases, larger diameters can be produced using multiple piece construction.
  • Wall thicknesses for welded nickle pipe or tube vary depending on the grade of the materiall. For example, Hastaloy© X can be very difficult to roll into a pipe or tube, thus limiting the wall thickness that can be manufactured. Submit a quote or contact us to learn more about our capabilities.
  • For seamless nickel pipe and tube, custom sizes and off the shelf products are available, although the size range is not as extensive as for welded pipe and tube.
  • As always, we can can produce much larger welded tubes with minimum footage requirements in short lead times .

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