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Chrome Moly Tube Specification – ASTM A691


This specification discusses carbon and alloy steel pipe, electric-fusion-welded with filler metal added, fabricated from pressure-vessel-quality plate of several analyses and strength levels and suitable for high-pressure service at high temperatures. The product may need to undergo heat treatment, depending on the desired properties. Pipes are classified according to steel grades. They are also separated by class according to the type of heat treatment performed in the pipe manufacture, whether the weld has been radiographically examined, and whether the pipe has been pressure tested. The steel welds must be done either manually or automatically by an electric process, and they must be done with filler metal. The welded joints also must have positive reinforcement at the center of each side of the weld. The reinforcement’s contour must be smooth, and the deposited metal must be fused uniformly into the plate surface. The joints will undergo tension, bend and pressure tests, and surface imperfections will be removed by grinding or machining. The depression created by grinding or machining shall be blended uniformly into the surrounding surface. Repair of weld and base metal defects shall be done by welding.

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