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Nickel Alloy Pipe Specification – ASTM B710


B 710 covers UNS N08330 and N08332 high-temperature alloy welded pipes for heat-resisting applications and general corrosive service. Pipes will be constructed from flat-rolled plates or sheets. Filler metal will not be used under this specification.  After welding, the materials should be cold worked, either in weld and base metal or in weld metal only, then annealed. Each end of one pipe per lot will be subjected to a flattening test.

This specification covers nominal pipe sizes up to and including size 12, with the nominal wall thicknesses schedules 5S, 10S, 40S, and 80S. Table 2 of Specification B 775 is based on Table A1 of ANSI B36.19 and gives the nominal dimension of these sizes. Table 3 of Specification B 775 lists the dimensional requirements of these sizes. Pipe having other dimensions may be furnished provided such pipe complies with all other requirements of this specification.
  • ¬†Note this data is for overview only. For full specification and current revisions, please contact ASTM.

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