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Nickel Alloy Tube Specification – ASTM B407


This specification discusses the standard requirements for nickel-iron-chromium alloy which include UNS N08120, UNS N08800, UNS N08801, UNS N08810, UNS N08811, UNS N08890, and UNS N06811 in the form of cold-worked and hot-finished annealed seamless pipe and tube. The materials need to be heat treated at specific annealing temperatures and must have the chemical composition limits for nickel, chromium, iron, manganese, carbon, copper, silicon, sulfur, aluminum, titanium, columbium, molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, phosphorus, tungsten, cobalt, nitrogen, and boron. Planimetric method of measurement and tension test shall be conducted in full tubular size, longitudinal strip, or round specimens in the direction of fabrication to determine the grain size and mechanical properties, respectively. These materials must have the specified grain size, yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation requirements. Each seamless pipe or tube will undergo hydrostatic or nondestructive eddy-current tests to determine the allowable fiber stress and to detect significant discontinuities such as drilled hole and transverse tangential notch. The cold-drawn material must be commercially straight, uniform in quality and temper, smooth, and free of bends, kinks, and other injurious imperfections.

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