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Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube

Penn Stainless Products Specialty Pipe & Tube Division offers seamless and welded pipe and tube in over 15 grades of stainless steel in welded pipe, welded tube, seamless pipe, seamless tube, and hollow bar.

Penn Stainless supplies stock product, as well as customized solutions with reduced lead times. Time savings for welded pipe and tube custom orders can be especially advantageous in regards to less common stainless steel grades and thicknesses thanks to our extensive range of plate inventory that we make readily available to our pipe and tube mill partners.    Review our processing capabilities and case studies to see how we deliver innovative stainless steel pipe and tube solutions. Also, stop by our Testing Services page to learn how Penn Stainless can improve your stainless products.

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Overview of Stainless Steel Seamless & Welded Tubular Products

Welded Pipe Product Size Range

Penn Stainless supplies custom welded pipe up to 144″ diameter and off the shelf welded sizes ranging from 1/8″ through 18″ diameter.  Larger off the shelf sizes also available in some cases and so check for availability.  Wall thicknesses up to 3″ for custom orders. More Info Get a Quote

Welded Tube Product Size Range

Penn Stainless supplies custom welded tube up to 96″ diameter and off the shelf welded stainless steel tube sizes ranging from 1/8″ diameter through 14″ diameter.  Larger off the shelf sizes available in some cases and so please contact us for availability. More Info Get a Quote

Seamless Pipe Products Size Range

Standard seamless stainless steel pipe sizes range from 1/32″  thru 24″ diameter.  Penn Stainless can provide custom sizes as well.   Wall thicknesses range from sch 5 thru schedule 160. More Info Get a Quote

Seamless Tube Products Size Range

Standard stainless steel tube sizes range from 1/16″ diameter thru 14″ diameter with wall thicknesses ranging from .010 thru 2″.  Penn Stainless supplies custom sizes as well. More Info Get a Quote

Common Stainless Steel Pipe & Tube Grades

304304/L304H309/S 309H310/S310H316L – 317L321321H 347 347H410 More Info Get a Quote

Exotic Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube Grades

Penn Stainless supply capabilities for welded pipe and tube enables us to deliver custom product in all weldable stainless steel grades, even exotic grades. Also, Penn Stainless’s large inventory of stainless plate in grades and sizes not commonly available can significantly reduce lead times for made to order pipe and tube products.  Click the more info button for a list of plate sizes available at Penn Stainless that can be used as the base material for your custom made pipe and tube.  Also, Penn Stainless can supply custom pipe and tube in additional grades and sizes by utilizing our extensive network of partners. More Info Get a Quote

Capability Highlights: What Can Penn Stainless Do for You?

Custom Orders of Specialty Grades in just 1-2 Weeks

Penn Stainless can deliver custom pipe and tube orders with reduced lead times. While many companies can roll and weld metals, by working with Penn Stainless you will get a complete solution.  Testing, special processing, compliance with specific specifications can all be customized specific to you. Also, for rush orders, please utilize our Rapid Delivery Team to ensure that your order is expedited in an efficient manner. And, keep in mind that our vast off the shelf inventory of stainless plate in specialty grades and sizes can save significant lead times for your pipe and tube custom orders. Quick-turn delivery times vary based on product requirements. Get a Quote

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Large Diameter & Heavy Gauge Welded Tube

Penn Stainless can supply made-to-order welded pipe up to 144″ diameter, and welded tube with up to 96″ diameters and up to 3″ thick walls! Get a Quote More Info Technical Question?

Quick Delivery of Off-the-Shelf Seamless & Welded Stainless Pipe & Tube

Through our inventory of stainless pipe and tube, we can supply seamless pipe, seamless tube, welded pipe, and welded tube in a wide variety of stainless steel grades.  Get a Quote More Info Technical Question?

Value-Added Services for Stainless Pipe & Tube

Value-added processing services available include production cutting, polishing, beveling, honing and turning, heat treating, annealing, and more. 
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Testing Services for Stainless Tubular Products

Penn Stainless can execute product tests including but not limited to: positive material identification (PMI), liquid penetrant testing, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, Charpy impact testing and corrosion testing. 
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Technical Resources

Penn Stainless has over 30 years of technical service and project management experience. Our resources include metallurgists, welding experts, specification development, a rapid delivery team, and inventory management services. More Info Technical Question?

Please also check out our specification page for a general list of pipe and tube specifications.

Welded & Seamless Stainless Pipe & Tube Specifications*

Specifications for Welded Stainless Pipe

ASTM A778ASTM A358ASTM A312ASTM A240 Technical Question?

Specifications for Welded Stainless Tube

ASTM A813ASTM A554ASTM A269ASTM A249 Technical Question?

Specifications for Seamless Stainless Pipe

ASTM A943ASTM A376ASTM A312 Technical Question?

*Check out the specs tab on specific product pages for detailed information on every specification!

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