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ASTM A814 Specifications

The ASTM A814 specification  includes two types of flanged & cold-bending quality cold-worked straight-beam single or double welded austenitic steel pipe. These pipes are intended for high-temperature and general corrosive services.Both pipes contain no additional filler metal; however differ in whether the pipes are single or double welded.  The pipes can be produced by:

  • machine-welding or automatic-welding process
  • welded from one or both sides
  • produced in full penetration welds with no addition of filler metal in the welding operation.

Before the final heat treatment, the weld bead must be cold-worked by methods such as forging, planishing, drawing, swaging or bead rolling. This creates a flush condition on the inside & outside of the pipe. All pipes undergo transverse or longitudinal tension test, flattening test, and hydrostatic test.

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