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Ultrasonic Testing for Pipe and Tube

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) utilizes sound energy at high frequencies to provide examinations and measurements of the stainless steel product. This aids in flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements, etc.

The ultrasonic testing inspection system consists of several parts, including a pulser/receiver, a transducer, and a display device. A pulser/receiver produces electrical pulses. These high voltage pulses work with the transducer to generate ultrasonic energy. This sound energy travels through the stainless steel in the form of waves. When a discontinuity (i.e. a crack) is discovered in the wave path, some of the energy is reflected back from the flaw.  This flaw signal is converted into an electrical signal by the transducer, creating a meaningful display on the display device.

Ultrasonic Testing Information provided by Collaboration for Nondestructive Testing at the NDT Resource Center


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