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Amada Production Cutting

Penn Stainless utilizes Amada production cutting for product diameters up to 4″ as part of our full line of stainless steel processing services. By taking advantage of our in house production cutting, it is often possible to reduce overall machining costs.


Penn Stainless Products utilizes Amada Production Cutting equipment to achieve stainless steel bar precision cutting with tight tolerances.

In addition, we encourage you to consider PennMet 2000 superior machining bar in combination with our Amada production cutting to help lower your overall part costs.  PennMet 2000 product is melted to consistent standards to improve machinability.  PennMet is available in Round Bar, Square Bar, and Hex Bar.

Size Ranges & Tolerances
Penn Stainless Production Cutting Size Ranges & Tolerances
Size Ranges Up to 4” Diameter
Length Ranges As Specified by Customer. All product cut to size
Standard Tolerances +/- 0.030; tolerance may vary depending on grade and thickness
Grade Any Stainless Steel or Nickel alloy

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