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Saw Cutting

Penn Stainless offers stainless steel plate saw cutting. Saw cutting is well suited for stainless steel plates over 1/2″ thick and is well suited to process longer strips.  Moreover, because saw cutting is a cold process, this method is well suited to cut any grade of stainless steel plate.

Penn Stainless can saw cut stainless steel plate up to 312″ long.  The thickness range is 1/2″ to 26″ thick.

Process Overview

Penn Stainless utilizes Kasto Saws, Hem Saws, and Abrasive saws to provide the optimum saw cutting specific to your requirements.  We can saw cut stainless steel plate up to 312″ long.  The thickness range is 1/2″ to 26″ thick. 1 piece or 100 pieces, Penn Stainless is ready to cut material to your exact specifications. Processing Questions to Consider:

  • Do you need to add a material allowance for secondary processing?
  • Do standard tolerances meet your requirements?
  • Does the material need to be marked with part numbers, job numbers, purchase orders, etc.?
  • Are there special packaging or handling requirements?
Tolerances & Sizes
Penn Stainless Saw Cutting
Thickness Range 1/2” to 26”
Size Range up to 26 ft (312”) length
Grades Saw Cutting is a cold process, and is well suited for all stainless grades.
Tolerances +1/8” is typical tolerances, may vary depending on grade or thickness. See equipment tolerances below.
Equipment Kasto Saws ½ to 26” Thickness Range Tolerances: (+/-1/16), (+1/8”,-0)
Hem Saws 3/16 to 3” Thickness Range Tolerances: (+/-1/16), (+1/8”,-0)

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