Plate Leveling

Penn Stainless Products can level stainless steel plate thru 3/8″ thick, up to 2 meter wide.  Penn Stainless utilizes a Heavy Gauge cut to Length line with industry leading Herr-Voss Stmaco Precision Leveling.   Combined with our expansive coil inventory, this equipment enables Penn Stainless to reduce delivery times, even for special lengths, while providing our customers with improved flatness and quality.

Please see our Stainless Steel Plate Product Page for standard coil sizes available at Penn Stainless Products.

Penn Stainless can level stainless steel plate in excess of 40′ long!

Stainless Steel Plate Leveling Overview

Heavy Gauge Cut-to-Lenstainless plate leveling equipmentgth Line by Herr-Voss Stamco

  • Penn Stainless Products utilizes a Heavy Gauge Cut-to-Length Line from Herr-Voss Stamco to provide stainlss steel plate and sheet products with superior flatness.  This line can process stainless steel coils up to 50,000 lbs. x 78″ wide, with a thickness of .090″ to .375″.
  • The line includes: overhung mandrel-type uncoiler; three-roll breaker; entry-crop shear; Precision Leveler®; vinyl applicator; down-cut shear; drop-type stacker; linemarking; packlift; and run-out conveyors.
  • Penn Stainless’s expansive coil inventory combined with the new cut-to-length line means reduced delivery times with improved flatness and quality, even on surface-critical 2B sheet finish, as well as corrective leveling of .375 gauge.

Heavy Gauge Cut-to-Length Line Case Study

Why order ten plates of 5/16″ thick 60″ x 120″ when you only need plates that are 60″ x 102″? Utilize our plate and sheet leveling capabilities to:

  • Reduce your scrap costs
  • Reduce internal handling costs
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Improve productivity

We can reduce your weld seams by providing exact lengths or extra long plates! With our heavy-gauge cut-to-length line, we can level plates in excess of 35′ from coil.


Specifications Information

Plate Leveling Specifications


 Processing Equipment can handle up to 78″ wide.  Standard coil widths available include 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″


 24″ through 380″.  All product can be cut to size.

Thickness Range

 3/16″ through 3/8″ thick

Plate Coil Availability

Please see our Stainless Steel Plate page for Plate Coil Availability details regarding grades, widths, and thicknesses.

Penn Stainless Plate Leveling Images

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