Machine Cutting

Penn Stainless offers machine cutting as part of our full line of stainless steel processing services. Standard tolerances are +/-  1/32″

If you have extensive machining requirements, Penn Stainless Products is pleased to offer PRODEC® Plate to enhance machinability and lower total costs.  PRODEC® is a special quality stainless steel plate, produced for optimal machinability.


Stainless Steel Machine Cutting Overview

stainless machine cutting

Processing Questions to Consider:

  • Do you need to add a material allowance for secondary processing?
  • Do standard tolerances meet your requirements?
  • Does the material need to be marked with part numbers, job numbers, purchase orders, etc?
  • Are there special packaging or handling requirements?

Machining at Penn Stainless Products; tolerances and grades

Machine Cutting  Tolerances & Grades

Standard Tolerance

+1/32″, -1/32″ is typical.  Tolerances may vary depending on grade or thickness

Stainless Steel Grades

 Any stainless or nickel alloy

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