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Sheet and Plate Polishing

Penn Stainless offers sheet and plate polishing for light gauge sheet through heavy gauge plate as part of our full line of stainless steel processing services.

Stainless Steel Sheet and Plate Polishing Services Description

  • stainless sheet polishingPolishing of stainless steels has a number of practical benefits. First, polishing stainless steels enhances the physical appearance of the product. Stainless is often used in store fronts, lobbies, airports and public transit systems to name a few. Stainless polishing also has a number of sanitary benefits required by the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and the chemical process industries.
  • Penn Stainless supplies polished materials in #4 and #8 and other specialty finishes in a variety of product forms including sheet, plate, bar, structural and tubular items. Penn Stainless can even process your polished requirement. For example, dynamic water jet cutting of sheet and plate is well suited for tight tolerance, detailed architectural work.

Purchasing Considerations

  • Is there a specific RA Requirement?
  • Is a pit free surface required?
  • Does the finish need to be matched with an existing surface finish?
  • What type of PVC is required?

Plate & Sheet Polishing Size Ranges and Finish Options

Thickness Range

Light guage sheet through heavy gauge plates

Size Range

Small parts ranging in a few square inches up to full size stock plates.  Shapes can also be polished

Standard Finishes Offered

#4 Polish, #6 Polish, #8 Mirror, or per customer specification or sample

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